In what follows are the selections of readings that we need to cover this quarter. As you well know, the theme of curriculum is literacy, education, and power. I will also post a few other sources to help you unpack the assigned articles.

Online reader

Abby's Lament: Does Literacy Matter?

Confronting Class in the Classroom

Dictating to the schools

Extraordinary isn't enough

How teachers make children hate reading

How to tame a wild tongue

Literacy and the Politics of Education

My graduation speech

On the uses of a liberal education

Preparing minds for markets

Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work

Some very modest proposals for the improvement of American education

The lost generation

Why we have college

More sources

Critical literacy

Critical literacy and art education: Alternatives in the school reform movement

Finding classroom success in noisy mix of Spanish, English

Promoting young women's voices in schools and communities

Revisiting the ten conditions for learning